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 “Your results are dependent on your devotion,

  Your performance reveals your practice.”


-Robin Sharma



For any kind of knowledge to be developed, such as procedural or declarative, it must be thoroughly practiced. Unfortunately, there has been a popular trend towards de-emphasizing the need for practice (see National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’, 2000, p21). Arguments against practice typically focus on its perceived lockstep, didactic nature, providing little opportunity for student exploration. However with the dawn of this website, students can now heave a sigh of relief.



What does this website offer?


Here at, we provide students with unparalleled learning materials including test bank and solution manuals for different editions of your collegiate and university textbooks. All these are solely provided for the benefit and comfort of our fellow college students majoring in their fields such as accountancy, management, economics, marketing, finance, engineering, mathematics, law, chemistry, biology, physics, nursing, psychology, sociology, the various health professions etc. This is an extensive online compilation of all the study aids you will need in order to give you a better insight on how to better and perfect your academic performance.


Why do we offer this program?

We wish to help students who have a hard time grasping the concepts. We firmly believe that the whole notion behind the subject that the student takes up, should not only seem interesting but should also be crystal clear when it comes to understanding different myths, concepts and ideologies, to be practiced in the near future. The variety of these study guides differ in the way that students practice so much to the extent that they appear confident while sitting for their next exam.


How would this help you?

A lot of research and logic is required behind any subjects’ coursework. This is undoubtedly a dilemma for students who wish to specialize in their field. These test banks ensure that you have understood everything and the subject holds enough logic to be comprehended easily. Practice makes perfect and the student may want to practice as much as s/he wants to, to get the desired results. Develops thinking and the conceptual accuracy of the content.  Samples are laid out in formats to give the student an idea of how the examiner may frame his question. All in all, the revision of the topic corrects errors that you never really gave much thought to and clarifies those tricky, between-the-lines details.

So what are you waiting for? Start clicking and practicing right away! 

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